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We offer a variety of video editing and transfer services 

Media From Years Ago

Many homes have memories stored on audio and video media from years ago, but no longer have the equipment to play them on, or if they do have the equipment, it no longer works.

Video Tapes

Video Transfer to Digital

Video tapes deteriorate a bit more each day, even if you have stored them in all the recommended ways. 

Don’t wait till it’s too late. Transfer your videos and photos to DVD, USB or HDD now.

8mm Film

Standard and Super 8mm Film

So many families these days have 8mm film that they can no longer watch for one reason or another.

We will transfer your 8mm film to USB, Disk or Hard Drive for you to re-live those memories.

Audio Media


Audio Cassette, Reel-to-Reel Tapes, 8 Track Cassettes, Vinyl, Audio CDs

Negatives and Slides


Photos, Negatives, Slides – all sizes, 35mm Negatives.

Minimum cost is $27.50

Copy-Transfer Video Tapes, Audio Tapes and Records to Digital

We convert various formats of video tapes, open reel audio tapes,audio cassettes and records, to USB, Disk or Hard Drive. For more information on this service. 

Any questions or for more detailed information please phone Greg on 0404 095 417 or use our Contact Us Form.