photo of various types of video tape to transfer

 Video to DVD

Don't know what format your videos are - no problems. That is what we are here for.

Video tape is a very unreliable format to store your memories. Your videos deteriorate every day and will eventually become unviewable. Transfer to DVD, USB or HDD now. Digital Copies can do this for you at a very affordable price.

Once you transfer to DVD or USB or HDD (MP4), the video quality will not degrade meaning you will have your memories for ever.

We transfer all video formats

Betamax Tape picture


VHS Tape picture


VHS-C Tape picture


Hi8, Digital8, Video8 Tape


MiniDV Tape picture


Our Equipment

We use top quality professional equipment to convert your videos to digital quality.

Original Resolution

We record your video tapes at their original resolution ensuring no loss of quality.


We remove blank and unwatchable sections from your raw footage.

Tapes Repaired

We can splice broken tapes and where possible repair damaged cases.

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