Transfer Video Tapes

Transfer video tape to a digital format that will allow generations to come to learn about their family history.

Video Tapes we Transfer

Transfer Video Tape
transfer video
Hi8, Digital8, Video8 Tape
MiniDV Tape picture
Transfer Video Tape

18.5cm wide

9cm wide

Hi8 – Video8 – Digital8
9.5cm wide

Mini DV
65mm wide

15.2cm wide

Why transfer your videos to digital now.

The need to transfer video tape now is becoming more important than ever. Transfer equipment is no longer made and spare parts are becoming scarce. Someday, there may not be a way to digitize your old tapes and the memories they hold. The best time to preserve your videotapes is now before it becomes too late.

If you have a collection of old video tapes you are still hanging on to, it is important to realize that the memories they hold will not last forever. Signal loss, shedding, and tape wear are common issues that arise as video tapes age. Deterioration of tapes can eventually become so severe that it becomes impossible to view the content stored on them. 

Video tapes typically lose up to 20% of their upper-end video signal within 10 to 25 years. That means, all those family vacations and trips you recorded in the 1990s have more than likely already been compromised to some extent. This is true even for tapes that have been stored in optimal conditions.

Did You Know?

We can take a single frame from your video and print a photo.

Have you ever watched a video and saw a moment that you would like to freeze as a photo?  Maybe your baby made the perfect smile? Maybe grandpa was playing with the grandkids?  

We can capture any video frame and print it on high quality photo paper.

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