Photo Transfer

Transfer photos to USB to preserve those memories to share for decades to come.


Why transfer your Photos to digital now.

Photos are easily ruined. Colours fade and quality degrades over time. These paper images are also more susceptible to the elements such as heat, moisture, and light.
Let’s face it, stuff happens. Accidents including bursting pipes, fire, or smoke damage quickly destroy a lifetime of memories. But having a backup kept in a separate location prevents this terrible loss. Transfer photos to USB or other digital formats so you always have a spare copy. 
Memories are made to be shared. You need digital formats to upload your pictures to Facebook and Instagram. And digital files are easier to send and share with friends and family. Making copies is easier as well, so everyone gets to enjoy them.
There are many benefits to creating digital copies of your picture collections, but to transfer old photos on your own is time consuming and tedious. Contact Digital Copies and we’ll help you preserve your precious memories for years to come.

Our base photo scanning resolution starts at 300 DPI, which is perfect for viewing your images on  computer screens, and for making beautifully sharp prints. 
If you require a copy to print, we can scan at up to 4800dpi which will give you an A3 print in sharp detail. Contact us for more information on this service.
The maximum size of photograph we scan is 8″ x 11″. Photos are scanned at 600 dpi. allowing photos to be printed at twice their original size. Photos will be rotated and cropped after scanning to remove white edges.

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