Transfer Photos to Digital Pricing

photos for use in pricing page

Photo Scanning at 300dpi
$0.65 per photo for first 1000
then $0.60 per photo after that

Photo Scanning at 600dpi.
 $0.75 per photo for first 1000
then $0.70 per photo from 1001 to 2000
then $0.65 per photo

Photo Scanning at 1200dpi.
add 5 cents to above pricing for 600dpi

Scanned images rotated and cropped
Saved as jpeg

Maximum photo size for scan 8 x 11 inch

Minimum charge for scanning photos to digital $37.50

You can supply your own USB Drive, or we will supply a 32GB USB Drive for an additional $12.00

Photos are scanned in no particular order.

If you require the scans in a particular order or group, they must be pre-sorted and clearly marked. Add 5 cents per photo.