Cassettes and Records to CD or USB

Copy Cassettes and Records to Digital

Now is the time to transfer your audio cassettes and records to digital.

We can copy - convert your cassettes and vinyl records such as LP's, EP's and singles as digital and transfer them to CD or USB.

WAV. or MP3.

Files can be saved as WAV. or MP3. We suggest saving as WAV because there is no compression, meaning no loss of quality.

MP3 files are compressed meaning there is some loss of quality. However, WAV files are much larger.

For an example of file size, I recorded a song with a duration of 3 mins. 55 secs at a sample rate of 14.1 KHz and a bit Depth of 16 (which is CD quality).

Saved as WAV the file was 39.59MB compared to 5.39MB saved as MP3.

For a lot of people, the difference in sound quality may not be noticeable.


Older records, especially those not played for some time will be prone to hiss and crackle and pops. This can be caused by surface damage and dirt. Most dirt is removed when we clean your records prior to recording. We remove most of the remaining noise with our software. This can be time consuming and is charged at $1.10 per track.

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