Create a Slideshow


Create a slideshow from your photos or slides.

When would you need a slideshow from your photos or slides

Suggestions why you would create a slideshow, include but are definitely not limited to.

Gather all your photos from whichever event you would like a slideshow from. Add music, titles or voice-over. Make your slideshow funny or serious. Use a mixture of photos and video.

For an example of a wedding slideshow with no video, but only photos - click here.

The pricing below is for a basic video with digital images (see note below) and music supplied by you, the customer. Video is saved to DVD with Crossfade transitions. Images displayed for 6 seconds with a 1 second transition. If you require the video to be saved on USB Drive, you can supply your own, or we will supply a 16GB USB Drive for an additional $10.00

Number of Images

Up to 200

201 - 400

Price (no music)



Price (with music)



note. Digital images means photos supplied on disk, USB etc. as jpeg images.